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  • 08th February 2022

    Many clients at David Sisk Fitness have, over the years, asked for the “silver bullet” on fat loss. They want the once a day diet, the easy diet, the magic drink, the magic training session. The disappointing news is that there is no magic. There are certainly different training modes that burn more calories or boost your metabolism more than others and these can contribute a lot to fat loss. There are some great “diets” that help you lose weight quickly. The problem with diets is that they are designed to fail. Keto diets are all the rage at the moment but these have been around for decades and people cannot stay on them for long due to health consequences. For us here at David Sisk Fitness we have found that – in almost 20 years here -the best 3 things to do to get results with food are: 1. Don’t diet 2. Practice portion control 3. Discipline. Discipline is key for without it most things fail. 3 words. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.

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