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  • 25th August 2019


    How to start getting fit and getting in shape at any age

    Committed to getting fit

    The first step in getting fit at 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 is to get in the right frame of mind. Sometimes by signing up to personal training sessions or fitness courses you’re already taken that first step and we’ll look after the rest. That first session is probably going to be strange but exciting and you’ll feel energised after.

    How to become fit and healthy

    Getting fit after 40

    Getting in shape after 40 is not going to be like doing a marathon for the first time. We are well experienced in bringing you to a new level of fitness or bringing you back to a level you had before.

    Getting fit and staying fit after 50

    Getting fit after 50 for women

    Is getting fit after 50 different to any other age and different for women?

    Getting fit after 50 for men

    Are they special considerations for men 50 and over in terms of fitness and exercise?

    how to get in shape after 50

    how to get in shape at 50

    Getting fit at 60

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