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  • David Sisk Fitness was founded in 2003 and is Cork’s premier personal training studio. After returning from the USA with a Master of Science in Sport Degree David believed that a niche existed for specialised expert personal training and nutrition advice in a high-end environment. That belief is even stronger today.

    Some clients stay for 10 sessions and many clients have stayed for 10 years! We would like to think that with over 85,000 sessions completed that we have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience to help our valued clients achieve what they set out to.



David is so long in the area of exercise science, training and nutrition that the concept of the Internet hadn’t been conceived when he began his career.

A love of exercise in a scientific sense began way back in 1990 for him. He completed a double honours degree in Psychology in UCD which included a thesis on key psychological effects of injuries on elite international athletes.

After completing a Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Studies in Smurfit Graduate Business School (UCD) he went to the USA to complete a MSc in Sport which included team and individual training. He began personal training people during that period while working in a financial institution in Cincinnati.

After one too many summers of 90f degrees of wearing a shirt and tie — and working for people — he decided to ditch the suit. Along the way he has completed numerous certifications in training and nutrition, along with a certification in life coaching.

His scientific knowledge and experience along with his psychology and coaching qualifications and training has provided him with the perfect tools to get you the results you seek in your personal training journey. He has surrounded himself with some of the best trainers in the business to form a great team that will do it’s best for you.


Vilma is our longest serving trainer. Vilma has been a Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach at David Sisk Fitness since 2007.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science, Vilnius University. She is a certified personal trainer, a certified exercise nutritionist and coach, and a certified group trainer in kettlebells, Spin, Vipr, and TRX. Vilma’s passions vary from hiking around Ireland to fitness conventions to water sports but her one true love still remains handball where she represented her country for a number of years and won a silver medal in the 1997 World Junior Olympic Games.

My passion for fitness began as a hobby, grew to be a career as a tool to motivate people to reach their fitness goals & lifestyle changes.

The part of my job I love is seeing the changes clients go through such as increased strength,fat loss, improved fitness, nutritional quality & overall lifestyle changing that can be maintained.


  • Image Fitness August 2014
  • Certification: Fitness & Instruction EQF3 Group Instructor EQF3 and Personal Trainer EQF4
  • University College Cork 2008
  • Masters in Electronic Business – University College Cork 2006
  • Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Ecology

Qualified to teach Spinning, TRX, boxercise, Kettlebells, RIP60, Pilates, circuits, step aerobics & aerobics classes.

Nick has been working at David Sisk Fitness for over 10 years and still loves every minute of it!


    We have recently upgraded our weights machines and our Spinning bikes to be ready for our training classes.

    We research the best machines for our clients and are constantly upgrading as new technologies emerge. The basics of good…

    Training Methods


    We have two female personal trainers who work with women and men for their personal training and fitness needs.

    All our trainers are highly skilled and can adapt to your needs and go at a pace that they know you can achieve. We know from experience that some people are more comfortable training with men or women and we have trainers on-hand to cater for this.

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We have certain philosophies that we stick by so we can be the best for you. I have no doubt you will begin to see these philosophies in other personal training studios in the future; we’ve had them for over a decade:

  • 1

    We train you to your abilities and capabilities.

    Our clients at David Sisk Fitness range in age from 70-15 years old with varying degrees of training experience (many have zero experience which is most common in Ireland). A large number of people who come to us have never trained before so we bring you through the phases step-by-step.

  • 2

    We train you through individually designed programmes based on the Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA)- not workouts.

    Workouts are easy; you just do loads of different exercises in a period of time with no real structure. You’ll benefit somewhat but workouts have no real goal, no real objective, no balance.

  • 3

    The personal programmes we bring you through are designed through analysis, re-assessments and science.

    We reassess you frequently so you can progress correctly.

  • 4

    We don’t do fad diets- they don’t work in the long run.

    Exercise alone won’t get you where you want to be, you need nutrition. We’ll give you a plan and we’ll teach you how to eat so when you go ‘out into the world’ you can maintain and continue what you have achieved with us.

  • 5

    We believe the environment you train in affects the way you train.

    We offer a high quality personal training studio in an exclusive location. If you prefer a warehouse in an industrial park with dark lighting then that’s great but it’s not the David Sisk Fitness way of personal training. We are here to provide the best environment to focus on you.

  • 6

    We train you based on our own research sample size of the over 85,000 personal training sessions, our sports and nutrition qualifications and based on our experience of 13 years in business as Cork’s longest running personal training studio.

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