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  • 20th March 2021

    Losing weight during lockdown

    There have been plenty of articles about how so many people have gained weight during the numerous lockdowns we’ve had.

    UCD found that 1 in 3 Irish people gained weight during lockdowns. You’d be surprised how many steps you get in from just going to town or a shopping centre and just walking around and browsing. Travel restrictions hamper all of this background exercise that you do.  

    Here are some tips from the BBC about preventing weight gain or losing that weight that you put on because of lockdown.

    Safe weight loss during lockdown

    You don’t want to do fad diets that make you lose weight rapidly only for you to gain it back just as quickly while sacrificing good muscle and your well-being. A good nutritional diet plan based on your physiology twinned with simple weighted exercises can do wonders for your body. Keeping to that plan and staying motivated will see you making those gains.

    Proper Nutritional Diet Plan

    We have devised a well thought-out and visually easy to understand diet plan for all our clients. This allows them to choose what to eat that will help them gain quality muscle but also losing fat. They can easily measure portions with this visual guide and there are lots of food to choose from and mix and you can get them all in your local supermarkets.

    Tim’s lockdown weight gain and weight loss

    Tim was good enough to share his story about gaining weight and losing weight:

    My name is Tim. During the first lockdown I wasn’t getting as much exercise as possible. I also wasn’t watching my diet and ate to feel good. Of course I gained weight. When the first lockdown ended, I went to David Sisk Fitness who helped me reset my eating plan and I exercised more, and the weight started coming off again. 

    During the second lockdown, I gained about a stone in weight and I decided to get that back down to an acceptable level. And so what I did was I went back to the diet plan that David had devised for me. And I just adhered to that. I exercised at home, I did my stretches that David had already given me when we were doing our personal training sessions when the gym was open. I started doing more walking. I became more mindful of what I should be doing. 

    I got feedback from David and from Vilma every now and again. And I managed over a couple of weeks to lose about eight kilograms. To start with it didn’t seem like I was losing much at all. It was fairly stable. I was just getting used to the new way of eating and the new way of managing my food. But I think within a week or two I started seeing the effects of that wear pants became looser, my t-shirts became looser, and when I was checking the scales, I found that I was losing weight on an almost daily basis. And that actually motivated me to keep on going and adhere to my plan. And I started seeing the weight come down even more. 

    So as a result, I’m feeling healthier again. And even with this current lockdown. I’m still sticking to my plan. And I can see the benefits of that. So while other people have gained weight I’ve been able to lose that weight again. I think when you have a good plan to start with, and when you’re being motivated by some good personal trainers, it can actually help you out an awful lot. And so I’m very happy to recommend David Sisk Fitness for the work that they’ve been helping me with.

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