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  • 13th December 2017

    Over 50s, over 60s – Fitter, Stronger, Wiser

    Feeling and looking good after 50? Possible and probable. If you really want it.

    At David Sisk Fitness our clients range in age from about 12 to 75. Many do have the same goal: fat loss; but many others want to do personal training with us because they want to get stronger as they age, become more flexible, get a better posture due to the negative effects of a desk job, or simply to learn how to eat better. We’ve been saying it for nearly 15 years at our exclusive Cork studio but personal training using resistance methods can even prevent some cancers. It is also a well-known fact that resistance training increases bone density. Unfortunately people seem to only believe things when they read them in a magazine or see it on tv.

    Personal Trainers for over 50s

    What about when we “hit the fifty”? The big Hawaii-Five- Ohhhh. From a personal point of view I am 46 so pretty close to fffffffifffttttttttyyyy (that was hard to write) but I am stronger now that when I was 25. I’ve less aches and pains too. All this with a 2-year old baby who doesn’t know the word “sleep”. I don’t train insane amounts every day – just about 30-45 minutes 5 days per week.

    The majority of our clients are aged between 40 and 65 and – regardless of any joint or medical issues they may have – have all achieved personal “bests” this year. At David Sisk Fitness we believe you can achieve a lot more than you yourself believe. Our bodies are designed to achieve so much. Do you think something as complex and amazing as our bodies were designed to sit and do nothing all day then go home and sit and do nothing until bed time?

    Fitness workouts for men and women over 50

    So many people simply give up training and exercising when they turn fifty (if not before). Others who have never trained before reckon there’s “no point in starting now” so don’t bother. They take up golf and wonder why their back is killing them after doing nothing for decades before. Personal training is the best way of getting into or back into training. We’ll take the “baby steps” approach to personal training because we believe your trainer should design and train you through programs which are within your abilities and that are progressive in nature so you can see the changes you go through.


    But do I need to be in good shape to start training when I’m over 50?

    Not at all. Our bodies change when we go past 40, 50, 60, 70 and we know this and will adapt an eating plan and exercise plan for your body and your metabolism. Our personal training means we think long and hard about you as an individual and it results in a bespoke eating plan and exercise plan just for you.

    Fifty is not the beginning of the end game; it’s merely the start of the second half.

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