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  • 12th November 2017

    Why do you want to lose weight fast?

    So, weight loss. What’s it all about? For some it’s about health, for others it’s about looking better for others it’s something else. Why lose weight fast though. So rapidly as if once it’s gone, everything will be fine. Different cultures even have different views on fat. For western society being fat is a negative whereas in many African countries being fat is seen as healthy. My own view is there is nothing wrong with having a few extra kgs. Many of our older clients at David Sisk Fitness are a few kilograms overweight but through personal training with us they are healthy, strong, flexible and pain-free. Would you prefer to be skinny and in pain or a few kgs over the “perfect” body and feeling great?

    Of course you’ll lose weight quickly but…

    The rapid weight loss industry runs into the tens of billions of euro per year. From gastric bands to the latest fad diet to the latest weight loss group membership there is something for everyone who wants to lose weight fast and immediately (and desperately). Do they work? Are they good for your health? Do you care about your health if you want rapid weight loss? Do you care about what happens to your body 6 months after you achieved rapid weight loss? Losing a lot of weight quickly could actually mean water loss, muscle loss and without changing your body so that it can still be inefficient burning energy.

    Lose Weight Fast Cork City

    Hundreds of these fad diets and rapid weight loss membership groups work. It’s pretty simple really: If you are overweight cutting your calories as ALL of these plans do will result in weight loss. It doesn’t even matter about the breakdown between fats, carbohydrates, and proteins because it’s all about low low calories, a bit of exercise and fast results. Some of the plans are high carb-low fat; others high protein, others high fat-zero starchy carbs, etc etc. If you are very overweight pick any of them and they will work. You know this because many people reading this have been on multiple fad diets somewhere and there is nearly always one result unless there is a change in habits and mindset. What’s the end result? Rapid weight loss then rapid weight gain.

    Weight loss at a good speed and not gaining it back just as fast

    There is some hope though where you can slow or prevent the weight gain post-fad and here at David Sisk Fitness we don’t mind sharing secrets to benefit the public. If you are very overweight and want to go on a fad diet (which we do NOT recommend) then do it based on your body type. So, for example, if you are an endomorph you can lose a lot of weight with 40% of your calorie intake coming from fat so chose one of those high fat diets. If you are an ectomorph it is best to have about 55% of your calories coming from carbohydrates so chose your fad diet accordingly. Again, we are against fad diets and promote more balanced short AND long-term nutrition strategies at David Sisk Fitness to go along with our personal training.

    There is an interesting gender divide on fad diets: while most fad diets are followed by women, men’s hormonal and metabolic make-up make them better equipped to withstand the physical stresses that fad diets place on the body. Men can better recover from the negative effects of fad diets and can even benefit more from them especially when it comes to diets that are based around fasting or intermittent fasting. How about instead of doing fad diet after fad diet and you still end up back in the same place, you work on a plan of action so you’re always in good shape?

    We’d love to hear from you about how you want to lose weight and we’ll give you great advice on how you can be in control of losing weight and preventing regaining it. You can talk to us today byfilling in this quick form.
    If you want to try more than some simple tips then contact us and we’ll work with you on figuring this out:
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