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  • 11th July 2016

    Leading on from the previous post on weighing children in school researchers may have found one strategy to help kids without making them feel bad about their weight (or make parents of those kids feel bad about themselves while trying to do their best to address a difficult situation).

    Researchers in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre (USA). Note that there were only 102 participants but it’s a start. Briefly, they found that the best way to get kids more active is to pair inactive children with active ones or play together as a family.

    “…….the most common barrier to exercise for those under age 12 was self-consciousness; that was followed by lack of enjoyment, poor health, lack of self-discipline and lack of energy. The older subjects cited time constraints, lack of enjoyment and fear of injury as top deterrents. Researchers learned that 78% of study participants felt supported by family in the effort to become more active; a far lower percentage, 36%–48%, reported that family or friends joined them in physical activity or offered to do so. But when a friend did join them, self-reported barriers seemed to erode among the participants”

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