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  • 09th June 2016

    Its amazing how people never have time to exercise or how going to the gym is too expensive or going to a personal trainer is too expensive.

    Time and cost (thought really it’s cost) are the main reasons that people don’t go to gyms/trainers. Think about this: Do you have a mobile phone? Well, a gym membership is the same monthly cost as a mobile phone. People say “But I really need my mobile phone. I don’t need gym membership”. Very true. Its amazing how people managed to do business when we didn’t have mobiles. Do you need your mobile phone more than you need your life? Don’t know what I mean? Think I’m talking bull to compare the two?

    You’re obviously sitting at a desk if you’re reading this. And I assume you have a pen and paper (or Word or whatever). Write down 2 columns: one with the heading ” Benefits of training” and the second “Benefits of NOT training”. Fill out column one first. Now column two. See what I mean now? Make time for your life. Sacrifice a euro per day for your local gym. Maybe even get a trainer for a small bit to educate you HOW to train and eat so you can get better value from your local gym.

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