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  • 11th May 2016

    Many people facing daily chronic pain adopt various short-term strategies to cope but end up making their condition worse (Thernstrom, 2010).

    These strategies can lead to mood changes (anyone a bit short-tempered when in pain?) and even depression. These changes can lead to changes in body chemistry and the mind’s response to pain (Thernstrom, 2010). The body begins to view the condition as a threat and takes up the body position to react to a threat: hunched shoulders, rounding of the back, crossing the arms across the body to protect the organs. The pelvis tilts downward to protect the genitalia (Hanna, 1988). Imagine what all of this does to the musculoskeletal system. It will 100% make the condition worse.

    What strategies can be used to counter all of this? How about some simple breathing techniques or meditation? These can actually help repair. What about a regular massage? Stretching? What about self-myofacial release using Trigger Point Therapy (yes we do sell them at David Sisk Fitness) or simply staying mobile. Nutrition also plays a large roll in repair from pain. All of the above strategies can help. Most people lead lives in chronic pain needlessly.

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