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  • 11th June 2014

    At David Sisk Fitness we usually write pieces that we hope might be of interest to people. Well, today, I’m writing about myself on holidays!

    Yes, I’m on holidays in the beautiful country of Croatia. Amazing weather, culture, mountains, sea, people, history, etc. But as a person who has had 2 disc operations and another disc that re-ruptured, along with long-term knee and shoulder injuries, I know that lying around on holidays can be very sore work indeed. If you’ve a back problem you’ll know what I mean. The hotel bed that first seems great has you waking up stiff as a board after a couple of days. Lounging by the sea/pool on the sun loungers makes you even stiffer. As the week passes you become so sore that you can’t wait to get home for a rest!

    On vacation I go to the gym for 60-minutes each day (it’s a holiday after all) but – even with sight seeing and so on – I would still lay by the sea for a few hours. Years of going on vacation getting more and more sore led me to decide to bring David Sisk Fitness with me. We’ve been using trigger point therapy at David Sisk Fitness for over 10 years. It’s great for muscles that are inflammed and/or tight, for pre-workout warm-ups, for post-workout work. So, I packed the Trigger Point travel roll and massage ball and brought it on holidays. Sad you may think but doing 5 minutes in the morning pre-workout and 5 minutes before bed has  led me to the most pain free vacation I’ve had in over a decade.

    Yes, we do sell Trigger Point products at David Sisk Fitness but, personally, I don’t care where you get them because they work. A massage ball smaller than a tennis ball and a roller that has a radius of about 6 inches and is hollow and 5 inches long is all that is needed.

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