Semi-Private (two or more training) Packages

  • Semi-private sessions focus on strength, fat loss, fitness, toning.

    These are for two people training at the same time with the same goal and abilities who wish to share the cost and motivate/challenge each other. The difference between the semi-private and private 60-minute sessions comes down to the fact that everyone is different and so corrective work or rehabilitation work is not a focus.

  • If the two clients have completely different goals, vastly different capabilities (through joint issues,health issues, etc) and abilities (through lack of experience) then it’s more advisable to train separately through private one-to-one sessions until issues have been addressed and abilities have increased.

    A general guide for these sessions are that you need to have similar goals and have similar capabilities and abilities.

    Some methods used include free weights, machine weights, body weight, ViPr, Tabata, plyometrics, HIIT, cardio.


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