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  • At David Sisk Fitness we treat exercise and nutrition the way it should be: as a science.

  • It’s called Exercise Science and Sports Science for a reason. To our decades of combined learning, research and experience as Master Trainers we also incorporate the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Optimal Performance Training (OPT) Model into training programs.

    The OPT is “built on a foundation of principles that progressively and systematically allow any client to achieve optimal levels of physiological, physical, and performance adaptations (2012:9).”

Some Physiological Benefits of our training methods
Some Physical Benefits
Some Performance Benefits

The basis of our training methods, the OPT Model, has five phases of training


Phase 1: Stabilization/endurance
This phase emphasizes on the importance of coordination. The goals within this phase are to improve muscular endurance, enhance joint stability, increase flexibility, improve posture.


Phase 2: Strength/endurance
In Phase 2, the goals are: to improve stabilization endurance, enhance joint stabilization, and increase lean body mass.


Phase 3: Hypertrophy
Phase 3 goals are typically designed for individuals who would like maximal muscle growth and this phase would be used for individuals in bodybuilding.


Phase 4: Maximal Strength
In Phase 4, the goal is for the individual to be able to lift heavy loads and improve peak performance.


Phase 5: Power
To get to this level, the individual MUST complete the phases of stabilization and strength levels. Speed and power are heavily focused on within this level.

In summary, the OPT Model is designed for the achievement of the individual’s fitness goals while correcting their muscle imbalances, stabilizing joints, while gaining proper neuromuscular functioning. In addition, the benefits of utilizing the OPT Model significantly decrease the chance for injury.

What does all of the above mean to you? You’ll feel great, you’ll lose fat, you’ll be healthier, and you should live longer.

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